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Personal Data


Company Info, which from now on, will be referred to as the Company, is a product distribution website via the Internet created by the company Lemonakis SA, based in Heraklion, Crete, 2nd km of Heraklion Miron, with a General Commercial Register number 77889827000, VAT 999743705, Heraklion Tax Office, tel. +30 2810 299133. The following terms and conditions, will apply to the use of the Company's website, which can be found at

By using the website or the services provided by the Company, the users indicate the full acceptance of the terms and conditions that the Company has set or will set in the future.



The company created the website, in order to serve customers, so it is important for the company's customers to understand that the information they provide, is necessary for the completion and processing of orders. The information provided, is stored by our company.

PERSONAL DATA: The information that personalizes and identifies the user, directly or indirectly. Personal data, therefore, is data that is protected by Greek law and international conventions. On the company's website, users choose whether to reveal their identity or not. The user is obliged to provide the company with his personal data, only if he wishes to order products, or register on the website or send an email to the company.


The company collects information about users. More specifically, it collects:

1) The information that the user provides to the company when registering as a customer or visitor

2) The information provided by the customer for the processing of the order, through the online store of the company

3) The information provided by the user in contest entries

4) The data provided by the user when connecting through another platform

On the company's website, when filling out any order form, you will be asked for: name, home address, email address, postal home code, telephone and payment method.

Regarding the method of payment by credit card, the company does not maintain files with the personal data of the customer's credit card, as for the payment, the customer is redirected to the official website of the bank with which, the company cooperates. Additionally, you may be asked for information, such as invoicing or shipping details.

The Company, during the electronic sending of the form, uses the information sent, in order to contact you regarding the processing of the order, so that is possible either the confirmation or identification of the customer, or for new alternative products offered, or special offers of the company or receipt of gifts, after a competition draw.

The company's customers, have the option to receive such communication messages from the e-shop, by sending email to:


The company, in order to enable the fulfillment and dispatch of orders or their reservation, requires the collection of the above information. Therefore, the submission of personal data of customers, means that they accept the terms of the company and consent to this data to be used by the employees of the online store of the company.

The bearers that cooperate with the company in any form, are obliged by the company to provide to its users-customers, the level of security mentioned in this Privacy Statement. The company in no other case can share your personal data with a third party, without your prior consent, unless this is requested through legal channels.


The company, uses the personal data of the customers only for the purposes mentioned above, unless you have given your consent for further processing and use. For the use of your personal data for other than the above mentioned, the consent of the customer will be requested in advance.

The use of personal customer data for advertising purposes, is provided through marketing messages related to our company, so you may be interested.

It is possible to delete at any time or select the types of communications with the company.


The personal data of the company's customers are not used for advertising purposes, unless you have previously given your consent.

Personal data, is used for advertising purposes to existing customers, for products related to what you have searched for, used or are interested in.

In case you do not wish to receive such messages, there is the possibility of interrupting them by following the instructions in the e-mail you receive.


Our customers, MUST understand that their personal data, may be retained or used for legal purposes such as the prevention, fraud, detection of a crime or any other misuse of our services and information systems.

The COMPANY, has the ability to use cookies, as part of the facility and operation of the services of its website. Cookies are small text files, which are sent and stored on the user's computer, allowing websites like this one, to run smoothly and without technical anomalies, to collect multiple user options, to identify frequent users, to facilitate access on it, and to collect data to improve the content of the website.

Cookies do not cause harm to users' computers or to the files stored on them. We use cookies to provide you with information and to process orders. In addition, they allow us to present you with advertising & educational content, related to your interests and needs. You must keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary, in order for our website to function properly and smoothly.

Cookies are divided into the following categories:

- Strictly required cookies. These cookies are required for the smooth operation of our online store and cannot be disabled. These cookies, are defined only in response to choices you have made, such as language, currency, login period, privacy preferences. You can set your browser to block these cookies, but our website may not work properly afterwards.

- Analysis and Statistics. These cookies allow us to measure our visitors’ browsing and view browsing sources, by collecting information in datasets. They can also help us understand which products and actions are most popular.

- Advertising. These cookies, are usually set by the marketing and advertising partners. They can be used by them, to create a profile that interests you and later display relevant ads. If you do not allow these cookies, targeted ads for your interests, will not be displayed.

Third party vendors, including Google, may display the Company's ads on Internet sites, use cookies to update, optimize and display ads based on the user's previous visit to our website.

The COMPANY can also use the cookies from your previous visit to its website for repetitive marketing.

You can choose to opt out of such use of cookies by Google, by clicking here. You can also set your Browser (chrome, firefox edge etc.), to notify you every time before a cookie is downloaded, so you can decide to download or reject it. In this case, keep in mind that you may not be able to take full advantage of it.

The COMPANY may use Google Analytics features for display ads (e.g., repeat marketing, Google Display Network display reports, etc.). Using Ad Settings, visitors can opt out of Google Analytics for display ads and customize Google Display Network ads. Here are the available Google Analytics web opt-out options available.

The COMPANY complies with Google AdWords Interest Based Advertising Policy and restrictions on sensitive categories.

We reserve the right to change this cookie policy at any time. Any changes to this Cookies Policy, will take effect as soon as the revised Cookies Policy is available on our website.

Third party advertisers and other companies we work with, may use their own Cookies to collect information about your activities on our website. We do not control these Cookies.


In case the visitors of our page are minors, they can access the services of our company only with the previous parental consent and they are not obliged to submit their personal data. If they submit them, the company deletes this information and no relevant file is kept.

Sensitive data processing:

Sensitive data are special categories relevant to you. In particular, information relating to racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, genetic data, trade union membership, health or sex life, or any element that is specific to the above and is a special feature of the individual's personality. This information may in some cases be processed by the company once you have made it public, to support, practice, or defend legal claims.


Users of the company website and our online store, have the ability to intervene in the personal data and information they have shared, by changing, supplementing, or deleting this data.

In case of deletion by the user, the company will immediately delete the relevant information from the files it maintains, provided that, it is confirmed that the action was done by the user himself. The same action of deleting from the user, can be done through the website of the user account. Please note, that the company complies with all legal requirements of the current regulation, but the security of the users' password, is also required by them.


The personal data of the users of the website and the online store of the company, are secured through the SSL technology (SECURE SOCKET LAYER), which is based on a key code for encryption of the data before it is sent through the SSL connection.

This technology, ensures the integrity and security of users' personal data against any unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Also, browsers (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari) are compatible with the aforementioned security technology as they support the SSL protocol and it is recommended to use them to connect to our website.

Our company has adopted information security procedures, that are fully compliant with international standards and legislation. Access to the personal data of the company's users is possible, only by the company's staff and direct associates. In case of violation of data containing personal data, the company will comply with the applicable legislation, regarding the notification of the violation.

All card payments, are processed through Alpha Bank's "Alpha e-Commerce" electronic payment platform and use TLS 1.2 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of encrypting information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decrypt it using the appropriate key.


The users of the website and the online store of the company, provide some of their personal data to the company, which makes them subject to these rights. As subjects of their rights, users retain specific legal rights deriving from the applicable data protection laws.

The main ones are pointed out in detail:

1) the right to revoke the consent, if the user wishes to refrain from the processing of his personal data, where he does not wish. 2) the right to correct the personal data kept in the company's file, at the request of the user 3) the right to restrict the processing of your personal data, if you deem that the data that is stored or processed illegally is inaccurate or is necessary for you to possibly establish legal claims. 4) the right to access information held by the company, regarding personal data or to receive a free copy of it. We reserve the right to a fair remuneration for any further copying. 5) the right of portability, where at your request, your personal data will be transferred from the company file to a controller that you will indicate to us. 6) the right to delete, the right to delete your personal data is reserved in any case and at any time and for any reason, unless we are legally bound. 7) the right of objection, in which you can make use of at any time by objecting to the processing of your personal data, provided that you do not have prior consent to the processing but is based on a legitimate interest of the company or a third party. In this case of objection, you are asked to specify whether you wish to delete your personal data or to limit their processing. 8) the right to file a complaint for alleged breach of confidentiality legislation with the data protection supervisory authority.

*** Your requests are satisfied within 30 working days, if the nature of the request allows it. In some cases, we may not be able to give you access to your personal data under the law. In this case, we will inform you of the reason for the refusal.

Finally, in cases where we cannot identify you as the data subject, the company is not obliged to comply with your request.


This company’s website, marks the acceptance of the above terms, in terms of your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data. In case you do not agree with the privacy policy of our company, please refrain from using the website. uses Cookies!

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